Our Place in the Web of Life


Let an image form in your mind’s eye of a web, the delicate filaments intricately connected, each one vibrating in response to the smallest movement on any part of the net. We know this image from the wisdom traditions, like the Buddhist sutra that describes Indra’s Net as a vast, jeweled web suspended in the heavenly abode, the essential structure that supports all of life. Quantum physics mirrors this ancient teaching in scientific terms, revealing that the universe is interconnected in much more subtle ways than previously realized. And perhaps when we wander deep into nature and see the roots of trees growing into a stream and the leaves tipping upward to be nurtured by the sun, it is easy to recognize the way that life self-organizes into a functional, interdependent whole. When we are quiet and open, some part of us, down in our bones, simply feels the truth of our connection with all of life.
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The (Really) Big Picture

Earth in Space

Allow 10 minutes with approximately 3 minutes for each section of the meditation: Body Wise, Heart Wise, and Soul Wise. While the Body Wise practices are gentle, modify any physical instructions to care for your body’s needs. Always honor what feels comfortable and appropriate in the moment. And if you happen to have more than 10 minutes, you are invited to linger…

This exercise is designed to give you a sense of “home,” wherever you are, in our amazing universe. read more…


…with your whole being, to where and how we are all enlivened by the same source of vitality.

SEE how this awareness, often discovered in solitude, is integrated through recognizing and connecting to this same presence in others.

FEEL our intimate, interdependent dance of life with the precious earth, sky, water, light.

OPEN your senses to experience freshly the deep greens, browns, read more…

Breathing the Sky

Milky way
Did you know that every carbon atom in our bodies was once blasted from a star? With science confirming that we are indeed stardust, perhaps it becomes a little less clear where we stop and start.

While words are handy when it comes to passing the salt at the dinner table, and the edges of the cup are needed for serving the tea, functioning in an object-oriented world without connecting to the other unitive layers of life desensitizes us to life’s vitality and over emphasizes separation. Not only does it contribute read more…

A Greener Self


The elements of our bodies were born in a primeval supernova billions of years ago. Who can be sure where our bodies begin or end?   Geneen Marie Haugen

I love the Oscar Wilde quote, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” as a way to ease the pressure of molding ourselves to fit in, to belong. It offers the invitation to celebrate the unique and valuable expressions that we each bring. And yet nothing can exist, include ourselves, without everything else. And everything that appears as distinct is read more…

Deep Ecology


“As your heart breaks open there will be room for the world to heal.”     Joanna Macy

In my foreboding daydreams of the future, my yet unborn granddaughter sits beside me on the couch flipping through a dog-eared book with pictures of African penguins, a cinnamon-tailed sparrow, Asian elephants, her eyes growing wide with amazement as she hears again that these beautiful creatures really used to live on earth and when I was her age and we ate fish caught in the ocean. Her tiny pink fingers turn each page carefully, memorizing the photos, asking me read more…

Engaged Wisdom

You may have heard the popular quote from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” Given how easily we get lost in our “to do” list, this saying is often used as a reminder that we are not human doings, but human beings.

But it’s possible, even essential, to bring doing and being together as one thing, one experience, one practice. It is, after all, our one “wild and precious life” as Mary Oliver describes it, when we are paying bills, cooking dinner read more…

Blessing for the Journey

Blessing Boat

When days rush past in a blur,
may you pause to receive the simple gifts that life generously offers.

When you are overwhelmed,
may you rest in the gentleness of your own heart.

When you are feeling hopeless,
may your imagination hold a torch to unseen possibilities.

When your mind is drowning in details,
may spaciousness arise, read more…

SEEING — Part Four

Tree rainbow

Resilient Self, Resilient Earth

Perhaps this series should be called BEING rather than SEEING, because what we see determines how we live, and how we live impacts our living planet.

Scientists report that we are living in the sixth-extinction on earth. It has been declared an extinction phase due to the current massive loss of species, and it is the only one in which humans are, in large part, the cause. 2012 was the hottest year on record.   read more…

SEEING — Part Three

Garden Tools

A Resiliency Tool

Some of the most exciting research from recent neuroscience reveals that our brains can continue to learn, even radically rewire, throughout our lifetimes. No matter what your upbringing, experiences, catastrophes, you can cultivate resiliency and create a foundation rooted in wellbeing. The opportunity is freely available to everyone, and the only cost is practice. Like a shed full of the highest quality gardening tools, the true value comes in how often the practices are used. read more…

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